Definition: A montage is the specific arrangement of the optodes (i.e., sources and detectors) placed on the scalp. The montage determines how sources and detectors are combined to form measurement channels. A montage can be customized to cover specific regions of interest by describing the arrangement of optodes according to a standard positioning system (e.g., the international 10-20, 10-10, and 10-5 systems, MNI space) or in relation to cranial landmarks (i.e., nasion, inion, left and right preauricular point). Montages are displayed in figures within manuscripts and are used as both visualizations and guides for confirming the locations of the optodes according to a standard positioning system.

Alternative definition:

Synonym: Optode template, Probe layout, Probeset, Probe set, Optode array design, Optodes configuration, Topographic layout


Related terms: Optode array, Optode template, Tomography, Topography, Coordinates, Regions of interest (ROI), Standard positioning system, Source, Detector  

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