Definition: Registration is the process of spatially registering, i.e. matching, fNIRS optode locations on the head surface to an anatomical representation, including 3D images or meshes derived from the subject’s volumetric MRI, or an MRI atlas such as Talairach Atlas, MNI152 or Colin27. It is commonly called co-registration if the anatomical representation is the subject’s volumetric MRI. Registration allows for estimating the spatial location of brain activities or anatomical features and correlating with the signals probed by spatially distributed channels,assisting the interpretation of the observed brain activities in the context of brain anatomy. There are a number of algorithms to perform this procedure, such as rigid-body based least-square fitting and iterative closest point (ICP) based approaches.

Alternative definition:

Synonym: Spatial registration, Optode registration


Related terms: 3D-Digitizer, 10-20 System, MNI template, head modeling  

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