Electrical Field Temporal Autocorrelation Function

Definition: The unnormalized Electric Field Temporal Autocorrelation function (G_1) is the temporal autocorrelation function of the electric field traversing the scattering medium or (more typically) emitted/scattered from the medium. It is a key function used in the analysis of data from measurements implementing diffuse correlation spectroscopy (DCS) and related methods that utilize laser speckle statistics. G_1 is modeled by the correlation diffusion equation and its normalized form, g_1, is used to fit the measured data.g_2 (tau) = 1 + beta |g_1(tau)| 2

Alternative definition:

Synonym: Normalized Electric Field Temporal Autocorrelation (g1)


Related terms: Intensity Temporal Autocorrelation (G2), Diffuse Correlation Spectroscopy  

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