Optical tomography

Definition: Optical tomography describes techniques which generate full three-dimensional (3D) images from measurements taken from sources and detectors covering a substantial part of the surface of the object. Data is obtained from light that has traveled across the object under examination.

Alternative definition: Tomography is a general term for the reconstruction of the image of sections of a volume using energy which penetrates the volume. In the context of optical near-infrared spectroscopy, tomography refers to the reconstruction of the optical or physiological properties of a volume with illumination and detection on the surface or embedded in the volume. There are several different techniques for performing tomography in NIRS, including diffuse optical tomography (DOT) and functional diffuse optical tomography (fDOT). These techniques use sophisticated algorithms and mathematical models to reconstruct the distribution of changes in hemoglobin concentration within the tissue of interest, e.g brain, breast etc.



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